Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Also....I get very frustrated whenever my ink cartridges run out! ESPECIALLY when I've gone all out and paid for the proper brand name ones. I only bought them 2 weeks ago and theyve already run out-i've printed hardly ANYTHING off!
I therefore complained and got an email back explaining to me how a printer works:

"I would like to inform you that the depletion of ink directly depends on
what is being printed, the type of paper being used and the print area being
covered on the paper. If you do a lot of printing with colour, graphics,
then there are possibilities that the ink cartridges can run out of ink
early. "

Do they want to be any more condescending! I got quite angry..

"I'm not stupid,I realise that depletion of ink depends on what I am
printing-I have been using printers for many years now."

Got a reply saying they'll see what they can do about getting me a replacement.


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